March and April Sketches

Cazie's Cat GrassIgnore the oranges. The sketch of the cat grass was the first one I did where I felt like I could actually learn to do this watercolour sketching thing. It has nothing to do with the quality of the sketch, clearly. It was just a shift in my sense of things.

Pink Long Blouse 2Laundry day provides sketching subjects, it seems. I was trying to learn about shading folds in clothes and some movement in the hanging fabric. I continue to do pencil first then pen.

Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie Ont 1Here, I continue to launch roofs into orbit. Sigh. This was my first ‘Urban Sketch’, made from the second floor of a Barrie cafe.

Winter Boots and HatBecause the Stillman and Birn Alpha felt so comfortable and unfussy to work in I used it a bit as a journal, keeping notes of what I could have done better and what I was learning. For example, I painted my black boots grey.

Spring BootsThese scans are making the sketches appear lighter in colour than they truly are, however I didn’t render these red boots as deeply red as they are.

Georgian DownsThis is Georgian Downs, sketched in my car, whilst stuffed in a down jacket, juggling palette, brush, water, sketchbook, jammed behind the steering wheel in the driver’s seat as a left handed person. But did you notice …. I didn’t launch the roof into space! ( see previous posts re my dance with perspective.).

Boots from St Marie de la MerAgain, the boots are much darker in reality, but not by much. It seems I’ve been a bit colour shy. I suspect the reason for this is that I haven’t learned yet about layering and I know that I can’t layer in this sketchbook.