Sketch One in the Hahnemuhle

If you read my previous post you’ll remember that I have begun a personal challenge of 30 sketches in one sketchbook, in this case the Hahnemuhle. Here is today’s sketch.

                                              THE OLD ALOE VERA

The Old Aloe Vera Hahnemuhle ( 30 sketches in the Hahnemuhle)

The winter sun was streaming in gloriously over the aloe this morning. It was what enticed me to sketch it. But I had barely finished the pencil sketch when a dense blanket of winter grey swallowed the light. I lost the shadows on the plant and with them the wonderful curves and depth disappeared. So I did my best to recall, but didn’t get there. In retrospect I should have turned on a lamp and gone with artificial light.

I need practice with my greens. I don’t have lemon yellow on my palette because in Central Ontario when am I going to use it other that on a sweltering summer day when I might actually be sketching lemons? Okay … there are many more uses of lemons and lemon yellow. i.e. …. green.