Rocamador painted and a finished print

Rocamador, France Early morning, Black Madonna Chapel Hahnemuhle ( 30 sketches in the Hahnemuhle)Hahnemuhle Watercolour Book, Daniel Smith Watercolours

As I was painting this I was thinking that I would have been happier to have done the painting after the pencil sketch. I find using ink frustrating since my sketches end up looking cartoon-ish and that is not what I want. I may actually go back and do that when I’ve finished my 30 sketches challenge.

Aside from that, there was huge learning in painting this. I’ll tell you that I didn’t indicate that each facade is large limestone brick since my focus initially was how on earth to get that warm almost yellow light, how to do the shadows, the cliffs did me in, and then there was that darn mossy wall on the right.

I’m calling this a miss, aside from the learning, and I’ll write more about that as I look more carefully at the picture.

In the meantime, here is a finished print of a part of the Hermitage that I made with my 4×5 view camera. Using the view camera allowed me to correct for paralax. I printed the negative down ie allowing for deep blacks to emphasize both the physical and spiritual weight of Rocamador.

4x5 Print of Rocamador, France. Hahnemuhle ( 30 sketches in the Hahnemuhle)Copyright Patricia Langer.