Muskoka River Take II

Muskoka River 2, Hahnemuhle 150 dpiHahnemuhle Watercolour book, Daniel Smith watercolour

I couldn’t let go of yesterday’s watercolour sketch of the Muskoka, in fact I found it a bit unsettling. In trying to express the energy of the rushing ice and water, I think I made the painting look frantic.

Looking at the photographic print I see large passages of smooth white water as it surged along. So I decided to try the sketch again today to see if I could convey the feeling of volume and speed without the frantic energy. I wanted to smooth the water out somewhat yet keep the sense of rapid movement.  At my early skill level I don’t have a lot in my kit bag of experience and technique but I gave it a good go and now I can dive into some of my books by very fine watercolour artists to learn and practice.