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March and April Sketches

Cazie's Cat GrassIgnore the oranges. The sketch of the cat grass was the first one I did where I felt like I could actually learn to do this watercolour sketching thing. It has nothing to do with the quality of the sketch, clearly. It was just a shift in my sense of things.

Pink Long Blouse 2Laundry day provides sketching subjects, it seems. I was trying to learn about shading folds in clothes and some movement in the hanging fabric. I continue to do pencil first then pen.

Kempenfelt Bay, Barrie Ont 1Here, I continue to launch roofs into orbit. Sigh. This was my first ‘Urban Sketch’, made from the second floor of a Barrie cafe.

Winter Boots and HatBecause the Stillman and Birn Alpha felt so comfortable and unfussy to work in I used it a bit as a journal, keeping notes of what I could have done better and what I was learning. For example, I painted my black boots grey.

Spring BootsThese scans are making the sketches appear lighter in colour than they truly are, however I didn’t render these red boots as deeply red as they are.

Georgian DownsThis is Georgian Downs, sketched in my car, whilst stuffed in a down jacket, juggling palette, brush, water, sketchbook, jammed behind the steering wheel in the driver’s seat as a left handed person. But did you notice …. I didn’t launch the roof into space! ( see previous posts re my dance with perspective.).

Boots from St Marie de la MerAgain, the boots are much darker in reality, but not by much. It seems I’ve been a bit colour shy. I suspect the reason for this is that I haven’t learned yet about layering and I know that I can’t layer in this sketchbook.

FEBRUARY 2017 – MARCH 2017 : A Handful of Sketches

Japanese Tea Set

In February in Ontario there is no plein air so what is around and at hand became my subject matter. I sketched in pencil first and as you can see, it’s rather loose and wonky. This was also my first learning of mixing gray for shadows. The paint is Daniel Smith.

Japanese Tea Set 1Here I did a pencil sketch first then penned over it with a Pigma Micron pen, and again the paint is Daniel Smith.

Mug PracticeOvals, the mouths of cups, mugs, plates, saucers … you get  the idea, are an ongoing challenge for me, so I draw a lot of mugs and cups. Just as a note, on almost all of the sketches done in the Alpha sketchbook you can see shadowing of the sketch on the following page coming through. I hope it’s not too distracting.

Remembering BodhiMy girl kitty Bodhi passed away quite suddenly at the end of February and I very much wanted to do a sketch to honour her memory. I tried to sketch her from a picture but at this stage of my learning was unable to anywhere near doing her justice so I gathered up her toys and sketched them instead. This was done with M. Graham paint but this scan is nowhere near as vibrant as the paint on the page.

Ice FishermanOne of my photography projects was of the ice fishermen on Lake Simcoe. This is from a black and white photo. This sketch was when I woke up to perspective …. see how I’ve sent the roof of the fish hut off into orbit? It’s become a theme, sending rooftops into orbit. The light this day was heavy and overcast, the snow on the lake slushy with big puddles of water everywhere.

Here’s a snapshot my assistant took of me working. I’m including it to show you how dull the light was.

Me with 4x5 ice huts Lake Simcoe